Solar energy development

Glidepath is developing utility-scale and community solar energy projects in Pennsylvania. We enable landowners, power purchasers, and later-stage project developers to participate in the rapid growth of the solar energy market in Pennsylvania.


Monetize land with renewable energy projects

If you own 25 or more acres of land in Pennsylvania and would be interested in getting involved in solar, please contact us. We can offer attractive lease option payments and attractive long-term lease terms that let you put money in your pocket with no need to maintain your land, while preserving your ownership of the land for future generations.

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Source renewable energy in small increments

The composition of Glidepath’s project portfolio enables us to supply renewable energy to corporations, universities and utilities in the PJM market at attractive rates and in contract sizes increments that fit the needs of a wide range of power purchasers. Interested in sourcing renewable power? We’d love to talk

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Get access to turnkey solar projects in Pennsylvania

Interested in owning and operating solar generation assets in the fast-growing Pennsylvania market? By combining projects, Glidepath can deliver you a virtual power plant at the size you require with a quick path to COD. We’re flexible in our approach and can tailor our development path on groups of projects to suit your needs.

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Renewable energy projects

Glidepath is currently focused on solar project development in Pennsylvania. Our team has developed and financed over 75 projects in 17 states


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